Training to Develop IT Skills

Do you need to learn how to get the most of the software that you use in your workplace or is there some specific training on a system/software program that would help to reduce the processing time within your businesses. Whatever you need and the level of knowledge you require we can help train you in that area.

For example, you may want to get more out of using Microsoft Excel and learn how to format documents more effectively; You may be wanting to make better use of Microsoft Outlook and find out about some of the more advanced features; you may look after your own website and want to learn quicker ways to update your pages and make them look more appealing to potential clients or you may want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance some images that you want to use.

You can really benefit from one of our bespoke training packages that is fully customised to the individual needs of your business. The training could also be spread over several weeks or months or consist of an intensive 2 or 3 day workshop. We will listen to what you want and work with you to help you benefit.

Software Training

health and virus support

Enhance your skills using a variety of software with our bespoke software training course

Website Training

hardware and software

Improve the way you use your website by learning a variety of new skills with our bespoke website training

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