Online Backup

Our online backup solution is both secure and cost effective, and allows you to have a backup and disaster recovery solution in place if your computer or laptop were to have a hardware failure or were stolen. Online backup provides a safe and secure method of backing up your data, and is mostly an automated process running in the background.

Why Should I Use Online Backup?

If you’re a business and your computer or laptop were to disappear, could you continue running your business without the data that was on that machine? For the vast majority of businesses, the answer is no. Online backup backs up your business critical data, allowing you to continue business within a relatively short period of time.

online backup

Our Online Backup Solution

Our online backup solution is provided and run from the UK – which means all of your data is safe and secure, complying with data protection. We offer both a managed and unmanaged solution – so help is always at hand, if you wish for it. Our solution works on both Windows and Mac, and is accessible via a web browser.

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