When Should I Upgrade My Laptop

17th February 2016 @ 09:02 | laptop problems upgrade performance

In the following blog you will find when is the best time to upgrade your laptop, the signs that it is time to upgrade and what you should be looking for when you eventually upgrade. I have broken it down so that the points are precise and get straight to the point so that by the end of reading this you will know whether or not you should upgrade your laptop.

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One of the most asked question with all technology is “when should I upgrade?” With laptops it is slightly different to say for instance a mobile - unlike a mobile where the way to upgrade is to replace it with something newer a laptop can be upgraded by making some of it opponents better. Replacing your laptop is all well and good but it is a costly method and that second hand machine you throw out when you get a new one is a lot better than you think.

After two to three years your laptops performance drops because of all the stored data you have on it, even if you don’t have any saved files on it the computer stores a miracast so everything you have ever clicked on the internet or any other application is saved where you can’t find it. Bummer right! However this isn’t a problem as there are programmes that can clear the miracast but this can be a lengthy process if you think of everything you have clicked on for two years has to be erased one by one, so an alternative would be to swap out the RAM and maybe even improve it depending on your needs. The RAM is where the miracast is saved so by swapping it out it should takes less time which should cut the amount you pay to have it upgraded as less labour time is needed.

On the other hand, if your laptop has loads of files on it which are important then it might be time to upgrade your hard-drive - this is where all visible data is saved. If you are struggling for space to save your latest document then you may want to increase the storage and this can be done by upgrading your hard-drive to one that has more space and can save more data. Also the more free space there is on a laptop the faster it is; just like the RAM, the more full it is the less space there is to save what the laptop is doing so it slows down so it can either find the space to save the data or compress the data.

Is your laptop not lasting as long? If it is becoming increasingly difficulty to take your laptop anywhere without needing your charger then it’s time to swap your battery out. Over the years the battery capacity drops this can be due to a number of reasons, one of the most common which people do not realise is over charging. When you change your laptop over night or through the day without keeping an eye on it you are more likely to witness a change in your batteries performance. This can be avoided by unplugging your laptop as soon as it reaches full charge, to stop the battery overheating and degrading- because it’s becoming used to having a constant charge plugged into it.

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