Common Faults With Your Computer

10th February 2016 @ 09:02 | computer repairs not working error repair fix

computer repair

Computers always seem to act up at the worst times, such as in the middle of a major report or playing the best game when you have the highest score ever, so it is understandable that users can get so frustrated; but is the right answer to just go and buy a brand new laptop or computer? – We don’t think so! That is why Basildon IT is here for you; we can fix the most common computer problems, to the most difficult, complicated computer problems. Let us save your computers!

Most computers will develop problems at some point, no matter how well we look after them and although you may think you are looking after your computer or laptop really well, because you physically do not damage it in any way, you may not think of or consider the internal damage that you could be causing it without even realising.

Top 7 Common Computer Problems Caused By Owners:

Using Pre-installed Free Stuff – not all pre-installed applications are bad. But for some; you may have no use for and others may even turn out to be sub-standard and slow down your computer right down.

Default Installations – everyone loves free stuff! Unfortunately though, free software is often ad-supported and in many cases the installer comes bundled with additional products or ad-ware, which can slow down your computer, meaning anytime you download a free windows application, you should do a custom install.

Downloading and Installing Bad Software – the most common ways a computer gets infected with viruses, malware and other crapware is from downloading and installing bad software on the computer. You should always be cautious of free software.

Failure to Back Up Data – there are many reasons for data loss, but some of the most common include: accidentally deleting, hard disk damage or failure, viruses, power disruption and improper shutdown. If you lost all of your data tomorrow, would you have backup copies of all of your important documents? You need a rock solid backup strategy to mitigate and ever-present threat of data loss.

Failure to Keep Essential Software Up to Date – developers roll out new updates all of the time and the main reasons being are; new features, fixing bugs, patching security loopholes and making the system more secure. Failure to update your OS and essential software leaves you vulnerable to security breaches.

Clicking Next or Ok Without Reading – it is not uncommon for new users to click Ok or Next without reading what they are agreeing too. It is very important you read every prompt before agreeing, or you may be agreeing to install new browser toolbars, a program you didn’t intend to install, or other crapware.

Falling For Phishing, Spam or Chain Mail – Phishing: as computers become more secure, many individuals have moved to attacking people using phishing tactics. Make sure you are aware of how phishing works and how you can make sure you don’t become a victim of identity theft.

Spam: if you reply to spam messages, the spammer may use your reply as a verification that the e-mail works and send you more spam, or share your e-mail address with other spammers. It is important you know to ignore spam mail, or get them diverted straight to your “Junk Mail”.

Chain Mail: you should never forward your friends and family chain mail. If you find an email hard to believe, make sure it is true before you forward the myth or rumour to anyone else.

computer repair

Although it can be really irritating when your computer will not run properly, if you try and fix it without any previous experience or know-how with computers you could potentially make the problem 10 times worse and even may not be able to recover the computer at all, so why choose us? – Well we know how stressful it can be when your computer or laptop stops working, that is why Basildon IT are on hand to help, whether you visit us to drop in your computer or laptop, or contact us to arrange a pickup of your computer or laptop, at Basildon IT our special computer technicians will undertake all work to the highest standards and we also offer a no fix, no fee.

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