20 Problem Solvers for Windows 10

31st December 2015 @ 09:02 | windows 10 problems

windows 10

The latest Windows Operating System, Windows 10, is still quite new and as such there can be numerous issues that you might encounter. For many issues there are some quite simple fixes you can do, try our tips.

Stop automatic updates

To stop automatic updates choose Settings in the Start screen, then “Update & Security”, followed by selecting Advanced Options, then “Notify to schedule restart”.

Windows 10 will continue to download updates, but with these options, you can control when to do anything about them.

What’s in these auto-installed updates?

In Windows 10, updates are done in the background, therefore it’s hard to know what exactly is downloading and installing, or what’s coming next. You won’t be able to stop Windows from downloading important updates, however if you want to satisfy your curiosity then click Details under “Updates are available” notification. This will tell you a few details about the updates so you can see what's in store.

Antivirus Software is important

When it comes to safety, Windows Defender is the default antivirus for both Windows 8 and 10. It is a fairly decent piece of software, but there are other alternatives; Avast Free Antivirus is one of the best.

How do I stop Windows chewing through my 4G data?

In order to stop Windows 10's from slowing down your internet connection with its background updates, go to Setting, Network & Internet, choose Wi-Fi then Advanced Options. Toggle “Set as metered connection” to ON - this will stop non-essential updates, as well as turn off some app updates and Start screen tiles.

How do I stop Microsoft getting all my personal info?

If you are worried about sharing your personal data with Microsoft, hop on over to Settings, Privacy, and uncheck as many boxes as you like; Cortana and browser syncing should also be turned OFF.

Why aren’t all my programs in Start menu?

The limit to the number of individual items in the Start menu is currently 512; if you have more than the limit, then it’s possible they won’t all be visible on “All apps”. Microsoft is working to fix this, but you can find out if any aren’t appearing by typing “Powershell” in the search bar and then entering “Get-StartApps|measure”. This will show you how many Start Menu apps you have.

How do I stop Windows default apps – such as Edge – opening everything?

Microsoft Edge is in several ways better than Internet Explorer, though if you are adamant on using Explorer, or any other web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, simply download and change the default browser settings to your personal preference.

How do I switch the search bar from Bing to Google?

Most people prefer Google over Bing and if you’re one of them you can change your search provider by following these steps: If you want to use Edge, you can click the ellipses on the right of the address bar and choose Settings, then Advanced Settings. The dropdown box for the default search engine will say Bing, but “Add new” will give you more options.

When does the free upgrade offer end?

Windows 10 will be free to install for a year after its release, as long as you have a Windows 7 SP1 Operating System or later with Microsoft saying the offer expires on the 29th of July 2016, and that free upgrade installations must be finished by then.

How do I login automatically?

The quickest way to get into your computer (albeit a less secure one), is to not have a password at all. To do this in Windows 10 type CMD in the search bar to load a prompt, type in “control userpasswords2” and uncheck “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer” in the resulting dialog box. Click OK and a new window will appear where you need to enter your existing password twice, click OK again and you computer will start up and login automatically in the future as soon as you turn it on.

How can I tell which is the active window?

The best way of making the active window highlighted is to; right-click the desktop and choose Personalise Colours, then uncheck the automatic slider and pick a new accent colour. The new accent colour will then surround the “live” window in a border.

What’s this about my Wi-Fi password being shared?

This is a feature called Wi-Fi Sense; the idea is that anyone in your contacts with a Windows device (Phone, Tablet) can access your internet connection without you needing to tell them the password. Thankfully you may opt out of Wi-Fi Sense by unchecking “Share network with my contacts” when you first connect to a wireless network.

Why can’t my laptop play DVDs anymore?

It came as quite a surprise when we found out Windows 10 no longer includes a DVD codec, meaning you will have to supply your own. Don’t panic though; there are free players like VLC Media Player that you can watch DVDs on.

How can I make OneDrive behave like it did in Windows 8?

If OneDrive is refusing to work at all on Windows 10 Microsoft suggests converting your Windows 10 account to a local account and then back to a Microsoft account. You can do this in Settings | Accounts, and choosing “Sign in with a local account instead”. Once you’ve done that sign back into your OneDrive account.

Where has all my disk space gone?

When you upgrade to Windows 10 the previous version of your Operating System is contained in a folder called Windows.old, which will let you roll back to that version of Windows. The folder with this all in can be very hefty (over 15GBs is common) and take up space you might need.

To get rid of it and free up space, type “clean up” into the search bar and choose the top option. Click on “Clean up system files” and, after a while you may see a “Previous Windows installation(s) option”. Select it, press OK, and that should have cleared up a bit of space.

Why can’t I get the Action Center to work?

Right-click the clock and choose Properties, then “Turn system icons on or off”. Turn everything off, including the Action Center, and then turn it back on again. The Action Center should spring back into life.

Where has Internet Explorer gone?

To bring back Internet Explorer, type “ie” into the search bar to be rewarded with a rather old-school internet browsing experience.

Why doesn’t Cortana work?

windows 10

There is an odd bug that Cortana can have, saying Cortana isn’t available in your language or region when you know it is.

To fix this; go to Settings, under “Time & language” choose “Region & language” (on the left hand side), click where it says “English (United Kingdom)” and choose Options. Click Download under Speech, and do the same under Language Pack, if it’s available. Wait for both to download, and then restart. When your PC has booted, click the search bar, then the settings cog, and you should be able to activate Cortana.

Why is text blurry on my High-DPI display?

Individual apps have to detect the DPI of the screen they’re running on and scale upwards accordingly, so that the text and image don’t appear blurred. Not all apps are compatible, but the list is growing. Opening Display Settings will enable you to adjust your monitors scaling to make small text readable. The result is that non-high-DPI apps will be readable but blurry. There’s not much else you can do at this point in time.

Why has my printer stopped working?

The good news is that, if your printer worked under Windows 7 and 8.1, it will almost certainly work under Windows 10 – you might just need to coax it back to life. Open Settings, and then choose Remote Device. Next, opt for “Add a printer or scanner” and cross your fingers that Windows will find your printer: if it’s attached via USB you’ve got fairly good odds.

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