Windows 10 - Power you can stream line

8th December 2015 @ 09:10 | windows 10 energy saving

Energy consumption is something that can easily slip our minds, from the moment you turn on your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet the life in those batteries is draining down. Over the past few decades the technology used in batteries hasn't changed a great deal, but while we're hanging around for that dramatic leap in the technology there are a number of ways you can help your battery last longer under Microsoft's newest Operating System.

In fact with some tinkering you could boost your battery power by even 30%, so let's check out some of the ways you can reign in some of that unessential power.

out of battery

This is no time to be sleeping:

Instead of having the power button for your Laptop set to sleep when Windows 10 isn't in use, have it changed to shut down. You can alter this setting in Windows Power Options, click “Choose what the power buttons do” and change the “On battery” options for the power button and lid to “Shut down”.

For your devices, you can go to the Settings app under Power & Sleep to set your screen to turn off when it goes idle.

Go Big:

Running apps in full-screen mode as opposed to windowed mode will save more power, just switch between them.

Trip to the store:

The Operating System automatically suspends applications from Windows Store unlike desktop apps, so therefore using those store apps will use less power than desktop ones.

A tangled web:

Disable web extensions you're not actively using. For Internet explorer click on Settings and then “Manage add-ons”, select the add-on you don't want running and then click the disable button. For Chrome open Settings and click extensions in the left panel, each running extension will have a disable link to its right.

Files before tiles:

Right-clicking on each of your live tiles in the star menu and selecting “Turn live tile off” disables them, they don't use much power, but it's worth doing.

Starting to make a difference:

You'd be surprised by the amount of apps that start up automatically when your computer boots. Luckily you can disable most of the pre-installed stuff you don't need from the Task Manager. Press Shift + Ctrl + Escape then click on Task Manager from the list that appears.

Super saver:

The battery-saver mode reduces internet and hard disk usage when your battery drops below a certain point. You can manage it from Settings app.

Bright aren't we:

On all Windows 10 battery powered devices there is a button which allows you to set your screen brightness. Lowering this by 50% can significantly improve battery life. If it has a light sensor, an "Automatic" option will be available that adjusts the brightness depending on your surroundings.

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