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25th November 2015 @ 10:46 | computer repair laptop repair software installation

Here at Basildon IT we provide a range of support services for both businesses and home-user that keep laptops and desktop computers working as they should.

Whether you need a screen replaced, your computer internally cleaned, or a virus removed, we’ve got you covered.

This article has been created to provide advice on the best ways to keep your technology running smoothly and safely.

How To Keep Computers From Over-Heating...

It’s recommended you should clean out your PC every 6 months. But, from our experience, we can say opening up your PC just once a year is sufficient.

After getting rid of dust and dirt from inside your computer, you should notice it doesn't get as hot. This is because all the fans (the things keeping your computers internal components cool) are no longer clogged up with dust.

Clean The Inside and Out

You don't need to take your computer to a specialist to have it cleaned - if you don't feel comfortable cleaning it yourself, then of course, take it to someone that is confident in what they're doing.

Cleaning the inside of your desktop computer can be done at home if you have a basic understanding of components, and how to get inside without damaging any.

cleaning a computer fan with cotton bud

You can use cotton buds, compressed air (if you use compressed air, make sure you keep the fans still) and specialist computer cleaning vacuums to remove the most dust and achieve the best results.

Laptops should just need a good wipe to get the screen and main surface clean.

If you do open up your computer case to clean, double check every connection to be sure all the wires and parts are firmly in place.

Because, nobody wants a delightfully clean computer that doesn't turn on!

Update Your Software!

For both Laptops and PCs updates are important. Updating the software on your computer makes it more functional and secure. So, if there are updates popping up read them first, then download and install them if everything looks ok.

Be aware that updates for some programs might ask to install third party software as well. This includes annoying toolbars and anti-viruses (if you don't want these installed you will need to un-tick checkboxes!

Install an Anti-Virus

Possibly the most vital thing to have on any device is antivirus software. Antivirus software protects against malicious threats that can infect and manipulate your computer, in order to steal personal information.

A free and effective anti-virus that you can download is Avast. Avast Free Antivirus is one of the most recommend antivirus available to both home-users and businesses.

You can also purchase ESET Antivirus, Internet security & Virus protection through us if you're a business looking for more secure protection and support.

Set Super-Secure Passwords

Our last bit of advice for computer repair and maintenance is have secure passwords.

Passwords are perfect for protecting personal information. With this in-mind, you don't want to make it easy for someone to guess your password.

computer maintenance and laptop repair

Using a combination of numbers, upper & lower case letters and symbols (!$) when deciding on a password will make it difficult for someone to guess.

Just don't make it too hard otherwise you may even forget!

If you have a lot of different accounts and passwords, it may be worth writing them down or installing a system that can store the passwords for you.

If you've got a slow computer, need a virus removing, software installing or have no idea why your desktop or laptop isn't working, give us a call!

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