The Top Ten Reasons Your Laptop Blue Screens

Tagged Under: laptop problems blue screen of death bsod top ten reasons | 24th February 2016 @ 09:02

The Blue Screen of Death – or BSoD – is the worst kind of error a computer can have. There are many reasons why a computer can blue screen but all are the result of either a hardware failure of a low-level software error

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When Should I Upgrade My Laptop

Tagged Under: laptop problems upgrade performance | 17th February 2016 @ 09:02

In the following blog you will find when is the best time to upgrade your laptop, the signs that it is time to upgrade and what you should be looking for when you eventually upgrade. I have broken it down so that the points are precise and get straight to the point so that by the end of reading this you will know whether or not you should upgrade your laptop.

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Common Faults With Your Computer

Tagged Under: computer repairs not working error repair fix | 10th February 2016 @ 09:02

Basildon IT offer a wide range of services for you to take full advantage of, our services include: Computer Health Checks, Virus Support, Hardware Installation, Software Installation, IT Consulting, IT Upgrades, Network Support, Microsoft Office Setup, Email Setup, Online Backup Solutions, On-Site Support, Remote Support and most importantly, Computer and Laptop Repairs...

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20 Problem Solvers for Windows 10

Tagged Under: windows 10 problems | 31st December 2015 @ 09:02

The latest Windows Operating System, Windows 10, is still quite new and as such there can be numerous issues that you might encounter. For many issues there are some quite simple fixes you can do, try our tips.

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Computer Repair and Maintenance

Tagged Under: computer repair computer maintenance | 17th December 2015 @ 10:58

In order for your computer to continue operating at its best, it needs to be cleaned and well maintained. Below are a few ways you can help your PC run more effectively and give you peace of mind.

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Windows 10 - Power you can stream line

Tagged Under: windows 10 energy saving | 8th December 2015 @ 09:10

Energy consumption is something that can easily slip our minds, from the moment you turn on your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet the life in those batteries is draining down. There are a number of ways you can help your battery last longer under Microsoft's newest Operating System.

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The Top Christmas Events in Basildon

Tagged Under: christmas events | 30th November 2015 @ 14:32

With the Christmas season upon us, it is a good time to celebrate and have fun with your family. Basildon and its surrounding area offers a wide variety of Christmassy activities for the whole family. From fun runs to festivals, there’s something for everyone.

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Computer Repair and Maintenance

Tagged Under: computer repair laptop repair software installation | 25th November 2015 @ 10:46

Want to know how to maintain your computer and keep it running fast? Follow our advice and learn about the support services available at Basildon IT for both laptop and desktop computers.

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Windows 10 – Have You Got It Yet?

Tagged Under: review technology windows update | 17th November 2015 @ 12:45

Windows 10 is familiar and easy to use with lots of similarities to Windows 7. It starts up and resumes programs fast, and has additional built in security to help keep your data safe.

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Know More About Sage Accounts and Customising Reports

Tagged Under: software installation | 11th November 2015 @ 14:32

You may already know with Sage 50 Accounts, it’s fairly easy to manage and securely store data, but, here are a few tips if you didn’t.

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